Interview: FYC Best Hair and Makeup – Joel Harlow on Creating 56 Alien Races for Star Trek: Beyond

Joel Harlow was first inspired by the makeup effects when he was a young boy watching the original King Kong. Captivated by the magic of animatronics, Harlow decided that was what he wanted to do, so he embarked on a career in stop-motion. John Carpenter’s The Thing also had an impact on him and inspired him to jump into makeup. In 2010 he won the Academy Award for Best Makeup on Star Trek, and this year Harlow received his second nomination for his work on Star Trek: Beyond. He’s gone from creating two alien tribes on the first Star Trek to 56 different alien races for the latest film. “There’s a little bit of Klingon in Krall.” Harlow says on creating the franchise’s latest villain.